Thursday, May 27, 2010



Beautifull,... that's the way it is without a miss,
As is is the natural way it came, it then was all tame and now it's in sane.
Mother nature at it's best it can never be a quest but we try the opposite of shy and without reason we committed treason causing it to die.
The lack of reason was the cause for it all to go astray in many a way,
the greed that beat us without the glory of how much a story can tell to amuse us all, we'll all be in hell.
What happened to the birds and the beas, the flowers and the trees,
the skies so blue and the air so clear we had no fear to breath and laugh feeling good listening to the music of Chris Botti explaining it all saturating our soul just forgeting the word control.
We do,... we live life not to just survive but to experience it all enjoying what we were given, to feel, to see, to hear and taste all what is there, we really should care and love, it all came from above.
The beauty of nature a composition of lines and shapes curved in all directions in colours that make us breath looking at etenity where the answers are hidden in our mind, the soul of us, be kind.
What has happened now, the future of the past, has it gone it did not last, do we feel, see, hear and taste it all in haste as to catch up with what we don't know, it will grow showing what is left.
Sorry that's the way it is, "AS IS".

Sage G

Friday, January 22, 2010

"IT", Lost in my mind


The five Y's, Why, What, When, Where and Who?
”IT”, does not matter what order they come in or go, they flow,
they flow here and here, everywhere.
“IT”, is a pain not knowing you're sane so you close your eyes and you realize.
“IT”, is like life is being kind just making you blind, deaf and dumb.
The body is there doing what it should as nature does not get lost,
“IT”, never gets crossed.
To be real make a deal and extend into who you are and be proud say it out loud, I am, ”IT”.
”IT” will adjust and adapt to an order that suits the roots that are connected, you'll expect ”IT”.

Sage G

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The story of time in life


A sad/melancholic everyday result of time passing is everything ageing and changing simultaneously in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, milleniums and,...  it's all for an unknown reason and we will all lose what we had.  We all have a mother and father the reason for being born but for how long who knows, family and/or friends, we keep them for a while or maybe not but during the passing of time we see them mature, or shall we say age they often become wiser and richer or, destiny and fate rule and things don't go as well as they could or we expect them to go.   What we shouldn't forget is that everything around us, including ourselves, age at the same time.   Time and nature have made a pact and allocated certain amounts of time for each process or function, good or bad to create or heal and evolve or destroy and terminate.  Whatever action was taken nature knew the consequences, it was right according to the laws of nature.  We know that we were born with the task to survive according to the laws of nature, it is expected from us and we have no choice but to try to do our best.   Some can make it, some cannot and fail, it all takes time, the same time for everybody, we're all in that same period of time.  In that same period of time we all go through life in our own individual way directed by the conditions and circumstances in which life has brought us up. The sad part of it all is that time passes and we all get older and some of us leave this world before we can age and experience as much as some others.   Life for us all has a destiny, a destiny we all know and that is, that we are dependent on time and that time passes until we, it, they, eventually age, deteriorate and die. Reality seems cruel and not nice but through nature's eyes looking at itself it is beautiful and nature is beautiful making the reality of the truth something to admire and love, life is reality and it's all worth while, the beauty of it all!   ”We are nature”!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anything is possible!


The saying, “anything is possible”, is true therefore it is possible that some things are just impossible and the main impossibility that is bad and therefore sad, are the people that are born bad making it impossible to let them realize the true logic or realistic truth about being bad is not right and can be evil;
to have no feelings or compassion, no conscience and no remorse or guilt.
Being able to destroy, hurt and kill is not the will of anyone, it must not be done, just change it to caring and sharing for it to be or not to be?

Many people, male and female making a living, (we all do without exception) through honest Work, Religion, Politics, Business, (corporate) Judicial, (law) or any other possible way of gaining money or/and power do have various degrees, of this badness disguised as just selfishness and/or self greatness causing the general competition to lead us to using fair and many times unfair methods and corrupt techniques and tactics, (strategies) to gain or accomplish what they want for themselves. In the meantime we try and make things rhyme to enjoy what we've got to carry on until the end then we'll meet again.

Life and its purpose have now reached the stage of being a vicious chain by which we have to live not given a choice. We are born, tested, moulded, abused and loved, used, exploited, reprimanded, accused and punished whilst competing and struggling forcing us to be masochists, slowly aging, deteriorating and dying when we want to live or being kept alive when we want to die the fact remains that we were born to die.

Mankind, “the human race”, did it all at its own pace. We all are related like one big family and have it all but it didn't take long for Adam and Eve to do it wrong so now we pay and stay to belong still doing it wrong until we're gone, so sad it's mad.

Monday, July 23, 2007


This world and all the people on it.
We are born and we will live life to experience being forlorn, it's mainly hell and not much Paradise, it is mad, it's sad. We survive the others just to miss them when they have gone - thinking of them of what once was, it's sad and being human you don't realize until it's to late mate that things will never be again. Time is the culprit of it all, the good times and the good things they all must come to an end my friend until we meet again without exceptions or perceptions. We are mad so mad as not to do it right, to live and let live, to be happy and make happy then be sad later when waiting in line to go to the here-after without laughter making the others sad in this mad world we live in. Being right usually does cause the fight making you stand alone way up there being a square and it is mad and its sad. To be simple would be the answer, it does not cause a fight but it will create a frown when trying to make it all go down. It is mad but then, not so sad. Now keeping things simple will take the frown away and understanding will show how things can flow. Understanding and being right will stop the fights to harmonize in shear delight discovering what it's like not to be alone anymore. It's a sad mad world we live in, it's ”shit galore” so, don't ask for more.
Sage G

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It is with amazement that I see people fall for the written opinons/ideas of others, may it be fairy tale stories which are nice or fantasy, nice also or fiction, interesting and last, academic/scientific explanations of the unknown which usually is much crap and some obvious logic and the many books that are written to make people believe what is not true is a prime example of denial. The above shows you the way it is, unfortunately Parry Hotter takes preference over reality and people in general refuse the truth thinking reality is not nice and it's bad and cruel, but look at it, ”As Is” and understand the reasoning Nature used to create it all taking a risk with the consequences. Reality is beautiful, man made reality usually is not so, so why not go for the real realty which is or can be beautiful, it just depends how you look at it and what you do about it. Hope to see you there where it's all for real.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Apathy and denial go together in many a way and apathy in particular involves everybody on this planet if or when caring for each other or oneself.
The world nowadays is run by manipulating people through the media, advertising, political and corporate strategies and the ones wanting power and/or money, all for selfish reasons in one way or another. We are manipulated with lies and some truth as what to do and what not to do regardless of it being right or wrong. Being the victims we just let it happen, be done and be said and not having the guts, self-respect or moral dignity to just disregard all the negative indoctrination and stand up for what simply is right. To stand up and speak up for what is right would be a start in the right direction to rectify the abuse of, nature, the reality and humanity. We all are entitled to be individuals and we could be righteous individuals without the above manipulations dictating us to be wrong and to be bad hiding behind what others have said or believe.
What is right cannot be wrong so, don’t be afraid to be right and to go for what is right, you can then not be wrong by knowing rather then believing, assuming or prefering not to be bothered for reasons only you know and because of the above interferences. The results of denial and apathy are similar, it means avoiding the truth and it means, not doing what is right, both are wrong!

Sage G